Jason Jolkowski




Date Of Birth: 6/24/81
Missing: 6/13/01
Gender: White Male
Eye Color: Brown Eyes
Hair: Brown
Height: 6′ 1″
Weight: 1 6 5 lbs
Nickname: J .J.
Missing From: Omaha, NE



Details Of Disappearance:

Jason was called into work early by his part-time employer at Fazoli’s Restaurant. His car was in the body shop because of a hail damage from a recent storm.  His parents were both at work, so Fazoli’s offered to send a worker to pick him up.

According to Jason’s younger brother, Jason arranged with them to be picked up at Benson High School, which was about 7 blocks away from the Jolkowski home. This was because the co-worker knew the location of Benson High and Jason thought that would be easier for her.

He then proceeded to get dressed in his work uniform, which was black dress pants and dress shoes. His brother stated that he was wearing either his white “Chicago Cubs” his “Sammy Sosa” T-shirt, blue “Cubs” cap, and also carrying his red work shirt. He was seen by his brother and the neighbor bringing in garbage cans at his family’’s home after the pickup. He was then seen leaving but never arrived a the high school.

The video cameras at the school were checked later on, but Jason was not seen on the film. He has not accessed his bank account,which contained approximately $600, used his cell phone, or collected his paycheck from his employer, which was available for pickup two days later. He also never inquired about his car with the body shop.

If you have any information in regard to Jason please contact the Omaha Police at 402-444-5818.